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DEI Statement | ReaCPA

In a 2021 employee engagement survey, 82% of Rea employees have a favorable view of our firm’s diversity and inclusion. While this is a high score (tied for our fourth-highest category of employee satisfaction), we are striving to do better and are committed to dedicating resources to formalize and improve our strategy around DEI.

Actions taken to date include rolling out a Floating Holiday program that, along with our flexible scheduling options, allows employees to prioritize what’s important to them, both culturally and holistically. We’re also actively partnering with other firms to learn about DEI best practices and enhance our DEI strategy.

DEI is included in our firm’s strategic plan as an initiative of importance and we have developed a DEI task force that is dedicated to:

·        Developing a mission and vision related to DEI

·        Helping the firm to build a culture of understanding

·        Expanding our reach demographically through our talent base and client base

·        Continuing the firm’s evolution of diversity at all levels

We strive to be a firm that celebrates our differences and respects differing opinions. It is important to us that everyone has a voice and that their voices are heard. Fostering a culture with diversity of thought and diversity of perspective will help us drive improvement, develop new ideas, enhance our client service, and offer a positive, well-rounded employee experience for all of our team members.

As a famous Chinese proverb goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” At Rea, we put our people first and are committed to going the distance to ensure a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive experience for all.