My1040Data | Rea CPA-安全的赌博软件

My1040Data is an online alternative to Tax Notebook and the traditional paper Organizer. My1040Data has two components: This Toolkit for use by Rea & Associates and the web application used by our clients and accessed from the link below. The client-facing application has a user interface based on designs tested by clients. It minimizes data entry by our clients and provides our clients greater flexibility:

  • It can be used on most desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Standard questions have been grouped into more logical topics.
  • Users can attach electronic copies of forms, scanned images, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Other information can be entered directly in My1040Data.

View this 6-minute My1040Data Toolkit instructional video and select “Help” in the bottom right of this screen to learn more about My1040Data Toolkit. A 4-minute video on My1040Data (non-Toolkit) used by clients (taxpayers) is available on the Welcome screen our clients will see after logging in to My1040Data.